August Update

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Dear Praying Friends, Greetings from the jungle. By this time, we had thought we would be in Bogota waiting for our flight to the USA, but instead of picking us up on Saturday like we had planned, the flight was pushed to Sunday, where it also never showed up. Then, we were informed late Sunday evening, the plane that was

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July 24, 2022 Update From Mike Dawson

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July 24th,Dear Praying Friends and Partners, This July has been busy, as along with all that goes on in this village, we have really been trying to reach villages that we have had very little or almost no contact in for the last 15 years due to gasoline shortages and other issues, but on the 8th of this month, Lanzo

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Kodiak Not Coming – Sites Now on Cessna 206

Mission Padamo/ May 5, 2015/ News, Updates/ 1 comments

Dear Prayer Friends, This finds us in Caracas renewing my USA passport. We don’t know what the future holds here in Venezuela but thankfully, we do know who holds the future. Things continue to go downhill here. We struggle to find the most basic of items like milk, sugar, coffee and any kind of soap or shampoo even bathroom tissue,

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Gary’s Interview With Chief Shoefoot

Mission Padamo/ January 24, 2014/ News/ 2 comments

I have been interviewing Bautista lovingly known as Chief Shoefoot: Bautista, what was your life like before you came to Christ? “I was in bondage to Satan and his demons. I had so many evil spirits living within me that I was in total darkness filled with hate for everyone. I was a Shaman healer of my people but my

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Please Pray for Upcoming Bible Seminar

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We are planning another Bible seminar for the 1st – 6th of April. Please be in prayer for us. So many many hungry people for the word of God. But our resources are limited here and that limits the number of distant villages we can bring people in from. We need wisdom on who to concentrate on and what villages

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Update on Mike & Keila’s Trip to the USA

Mission Padamo/ August 6, 2013/ News/ 1 comments

Dear praying friends, Yesterday, about 8 AM, while walking into the airport at Puerto Ayacucho, I scraped my hand in passing on a door with some grease on it. There is never any water in the bathrooms, so I don’t even know what I was thinking by heading to the bathroom…but there I went. Wonder of wonders there was actually

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Mike’s Five Day Trip

Mission Padamo/ June 25, 2013/ News/ 2 comments

Dear praying friends, I returned  on Wednesday evening from a 5 day trip to visit some far away villages so thought I would share my trip with you. Saturday 1 PM:  After the rain stopped, we took off. Later than we had anticipated, but since the boat had places to hang hammocks, we were in fine spirits. After about 16

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Christians and Armadillos

Mission Padamo/ May 20, 2013/ News/ 1 comments

Dear Praying friends, This finds us well and continuing to thank God for an open door here. With the political situation here, we don’t take anything for granted, but God is faithful and we find ourselves depending on HIM to not only provide us with all we need, but even to continue to sustain our spirits and keep us encouraged

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Testimony Time Today

Mission Padamo/ May 4, 2013/ News/ 0 comments

During our Bible class this morning, one of the guys was sharing how, “in spite of the fact, that there is much sadness in the village right now, our hearts remain strong and our comfort is in Christ.” He paused and looked down for a minute. “Even though my family is really sad right now, we know our little girl

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Dear Praying Friends, Another hard week up here in the jungle; we just walked back up from the funeral of one of Keila’s preschool little girls. She passed away of malaria Monday morning. Her parents Jacinto and Leticia and family are taking it so hard. But this is the third death in the last week, so like I said, a

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