Update on Mike & Keila’s Trip to the USA

Mission Padamo/ August 6, 2013/ News/ 1 comments

Dear praying friends, Yesterday, about 8 AM, while walking into the airport at Puerto Ayacucho, I scraped my hand in passing on a door with some grease on it. There is never any water in the bathrooms, so I don’t even know what I was thinking by heading to the bathroom…but there I went. Wonder of wonders there was actually

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Mike’s Five Day Trip

Mission Padamo/ June 25, 2013/ News/ 2 comments

Dear praying friends, I returned  on Wednesday evening from a 5 day trip to visit some far away villages so thought I would share my trip with you. Saturday 1 PM:  After the rain stopped, we took off. Later than we had anticipated, but since the boat had places to hang hammocks, we were in fine spirits. After about 16

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Christians and Armadillos

Mission Padamo/ May 20, 2013/ News/ 1 comments

Dear Praying friends, This finds us well and continuing to thank God for an open door here. With the political situation here, we don’t take anything for granted, but God is faithful and we find ourselves depending on HIM to not only provide us with all we need, but even to continue to sustain our spirits and keep us encouraged

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Testimony Time Today

Mission Padamo/ May 4, 2013/ News/ 0 comments

During our Bible class this morning, one of the guys was sharing how, “in spite of the fact, that there is much sadness in the village right now, our hearts remain strong and our comfort is in Christ.” He paused and looked down for a minute. “Even though my family is really sad right now, we know our little girl

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Mission Padamo/ May 3, 2013/ News/ 0 comments

Dear Praying Friends, Another hard week up here in the jungle; we just walked back up from the funeral of one of Keila’s preschool little girls. She passed away of malaria Monday morning. Her parents Jacinto and Leticia and family are taking it so hard. But this is the third death in the last week, so like I said, a

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April 13 – Update from Mike Dawson Family

Mission Padamo/ April 19, 2013/ News/ 1 comments

As I wake up with the morning of each day that passes by, And I listen to the sounds upon my ear; I can’t help but keep a watch toward the eastern sky, And I wonder if the trumpet will be the next sound that I hear. Oh my earthly disappointments and trials here below, Fade away when I remember

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Air Support, Generator and Politicos

Mission Padamo/ March 23, 2013/ News/ 0 comments

Dear praying friends, The need for our own air support, especially with an aircraft stationed right here in the jungle is brought home once again! My nephew Shawn fell and broke his arm today at 3:30 PM. There is not time to have an airplane round trip from town up to Las Esmeralda and back out to town before night

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2012 Ending Well…

Josh/ February 5, 2013/ News/ 0 comments

A Message from Missionaries Michael and Keila Dawson: Happy New Year everyone! I trust your Christmas season was joyful and your new year has started off with the Lord’s richest blessing. These are stressful days for Venezuela as the leader of the country is undertaking medical treatment and no one really knows what his condition is. Rumors abound, and there

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Erika/ February 23, 2010/ News/ 0 comments

We are slotted to receive the Kodiak in 2014! Praise the Lord! It is only by His grace and love that we were able to raise the money needed for this amazing tool. God truly showed us a miracle by touching hearts to give towards this project. We will keep you updated on current status for the Kodiak as it

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