Late August Update

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Working on the Bible lesson Book, King of Glory. From my left, Agustine, Lanzo, Timoteo, Aflredo. Gabriel is on my right.

Dear Praying Friends,  This finds us in the USA at our base in Juliette, GA. After being delayed for over a week leaving the jungle, we hit the ground running to make it up in time to pick up our daughter as she finished her year of Bible study on the 18th. After landing in Orlando FL on the 16th. Good friends, Glen and Sally picked us up and drove us to Juliette, GA and the next morning at 2 AM we took off for northern Wisconsin where our daughter was going to school. So good to have her back with us, even for a short while. 

Since getting back to GA my priority has been working on getting the Bible Lesson book, King of Glory which we have translated into Yanomamö formatted and ready for the publisher. Unfortunately, I am afraid this is going to be a bit harder and take longer than I was hoping. Yanomamö is spoken longer than English, as in so many cases, what can be covered with one word in English takes a long phrase to say the same thing. So in some cases, it is taking editing to make it fit the space provide for that particular paragraph, but we are excited to be getting this ready so we can get them in the hands of the people. We especially want to make sure all the men who teach in their little scattered churches have them as these books will be essential for keeping our guys teaching right. The book has 70 chapters which cover the entire salvation story found in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Pray with us as we work on this very needed tool. 

Another reason for our sense of urgency to get this book into the hands of the people, is to take advantage of the fact that, with the Torches and Messengers we have placed in so many villages being heard, once we get the chronological Bible lesson book, King of Glory, they can study along with what they are hearing. 

We have received so many requests for meetings and we are humbled and honored at the same time, but with this book being not only our priority, but our Mission priority, we feel we need to devote all available time to finishing this book before we head back. Thanks for understanding. Please note, on a personal level, I would much rather be traveling to your churches and sharing what God is doing instead of sitting in isolation in Georgia. I mean, I can pretty much sit in isolation in the jungle, but to be honest, the daily interruptions of living in a Yanomamö village does not lend itself to doing office work. During the time we were translating this book, we were continually being interrupted, so I knew trying to finish this in the village was not a good option. Again, thanks for understanding. I would be happy to take phone calls and do zoom calls. (During my coffee breaks of course.)

Our trip to Brazil is on. We leave from Atlanta on the 18th, Arrive Boa Vista on the 20th and fly into the jungle where the missionaries are working with the Yanomamö there on the 21st, then, back out on the 28th. We should arrive back in Atlanta on the 30th Lord willing. Your prayers are very appreciated for this trip. Lots of logistics to work out. Our guys are arriving at the border of Brazil by bus on the evening of the 19th, then on to Boa Vista on the 20th and into the jungle on the 21st. Pray with us. We are praying our guys can be a real blessing to the new yanomamö believers in Brazil.

Thanks again for your partnership with us. As we look at all the Lord is doing, we sit in awe of Who HE is and are thankful for the small part we can have in reaching the lost for Christ and at the same time, we are honored to be your partners. 

Michael and Keila

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