Mission Padamo Aviation and Support was founded for the purpose of supporting and assisting missionaries and indigenous people of Amazonas, Venezuela. Our goal is to have flight service stationed up in the jungle where it is most needed. There has been a missionary presence in Amazonas state since 1946, and aviation support since 1965. Since February 8, 2006, however, missionaries and all indigenous communities in Amazonas have been left with no air support.

Mission Padamo Aviation & Support is trusting the Lord to allow us to fill this void. We are looking for people who are willing to partner with us in this vital task.

The following are some of the ministries of MPAS:

Bible Training
  • Bible School

  • Men's Discipleship

  • Women's Discipleship

  • Children's Ministries

  • Outreach & Seminars

  • Evangelism


Along with mission personnel, there are 6 Yanomamö teachers who work with us in teaching the Yanomamö children. The 198 children enrolled in the school range from pre-school to sixth grade.


The church in Coshilowäteli is a self governing church, with its own pastors and elders. In spite of much hardship, the church continues to function and grow.


Mission Padamo’s greatest challenge is the continued operation of a mission outpost, over three hundred miles from the nearest town and hospital, without air support. The greatest need is medical. There have been many deaths due to the fact there is no one to call for medical evacuations. Once easily treated emergencies such as snake bites, women with complications during pregnancy, and children with malaria, are now resulting in death because there is no way to get the people to the simple treatments they need. Without air support, needless deaths ensue.

Sports Programs

The sports program has always been a fantastic discipleship ministry and outreach opportunity for younger Yanomamo. However, we currently lack the personnel to head up this work. Please pray that the Lord would raise up individuals to take on this important ministry.


  1. please send updates RT

  2. I think I heard about this ministry back to 2005-2006 when returning to my homecity Barquisimeto. I used to go to the Amazons and Great Forest as a missionary along with YWAM/JUCUM. Training the Christian youth on how to piloting aircraft is an excellent idea.

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