July 21, 2023

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Dear Praying Friends and Partners, We had a great trip! We were able to see God work in amazing ways for us on this trip. We placed the very last of the 500 Torches we had brought down with us and there still are so many villages whom have never heard the name of Jesus or even seen a missionary for that matter. Christ’s exhortation to His disciples “…to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth labors…” was much on my mind as we were making this trip. This is the furthest away, distance wise, from Cosh and still be in Yanomamö land I have been and there were many, many villages even past the last one we stopped at. So much to do, but God knows. Thanks for your help in reaching these forgotten peoples. 
It has been good to be back, although, I have to say, it was sad to see how many people are still out there in the jungle and have never heard. You would think that after 70+ years of missionary endeavor among this tribe that we would at least be able to announce that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, in spite of all the effort, all the sacrifices made, all the incredible hurdles overcome, there is still so much to be done. On this trip alone, we found people from two villages who had previously been living many days inland who had come out to the river in the last month. I was one of the first none Yanomamö they had seen! I wish I were younger! But…
One of the many miracles, at least that we know about, we got to a place on the river on our third day of hard travel where there were two huge trees down all across the river. There was no way around over or under them with the boat we had. This was 3:30 in the afternoon. We had seen a garden right down river from the jam, so went back down there. Finding a trail heading up the river, we figured the village could not be that far away. 3 of our guys took off running up the trail. About an hour and a half later, they came back saying there was nothing. No one answered their calls, so most of the guys wanted to head on back downriver at night and do some hunting. While I love to night hunt, I hated to admit defeat, This was the second time we have tried to make it up to this village after all, so I asked the guys to consider waiting. “Let’s ask God for a miracle, Lets ask him to make the river come up tonight so we can get by in the morning.” I encouraged. Everyone agreed. 
The next morning, this river already running at flood stage, over flowing it’s banks in most places, came up almost a meter during the night. The next morning at six, we were able to get over the jam and continue our trip up river. We arrived at the village at 11:30. What an incredible reception. Thanks for your prayers! 
You can see on the right where we were able to get over the jam, before the river came up, that was totally blocked.

Favio demonstrating a Torch to the headman of Miyoma

We had given out Bata Bälöamö Cätä books, (King of Glory) to any village that had at least one person who could read. On our way back down river, we stopped at the village of Carawana and found this little guy reading the book to his friend. He had attended a school downriver run by the Catholic mission, they use a different alphabet then we do, so I was curious if he could really read it and I was very pleasantly surprised. He read the first paragraph on the page to me out loud. We praise the Lord for these books, the Torches and the Messengers. Thank you all for the part you all have played in making these tools possible. 

Again, thanks so much for your partnership!
Michael and Keila

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  1. And what are the messengers, please? What does King of Glory cover?

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