November 25th, 2022

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Dear Partners, Here is the cover for the book. Just finished the proofs, now, I will send the corrections we made back to the formatter and Lord willing, we can get it to the printer this next week…Prayers really appreciated. We would like to do 5000 copies, but It is not going to be cheap to print a book of this quality and then, ship 2,290 kilos of them all the way from East Peoria, IL to the Amazon jungles, but our God is able. If anyone would like to sponsor books, contact me for details.

In case you are wondering, we picked 5000 books because the fewer the books printed, the more expensive it is per book and we feel like we can use this many over the next few years as we ramp up our outreach trips. 

Here is what the cover will look like. 

Your partners, 

Michael and Keila 

Our mailing address is: 
PO Box 466
Lurray, VA 22835
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  1. Hello Michael & Keila,
    I recently saw your interview on YouTube , I saw your friends ( shaman ) testimony before but didn’t know anything about you or your father before that .
    I’m so glad I found you .
    I’m a former shaman in the west ( Canada) I was saved in 2018 ,
    I had been a practicing shaman for over a decade and was in process of going deeper and was being mentored by a Cree shaman here in northern Canada .
    I finally saw through the spirits and was born again and saved form certain death.
    I feel God is calling me to expose this practice in the west ( I had been taught the Michael Harner method of shamanism to access the spirit realm)
    I ‘be trained a lot of young people and am very sorry now for that .
    God is prompting me to put a book together detailing my story and how God brought me out of that world.
    I’m glad you are doing the work you do ,
    I was familiar with your people of cousre years ago because of my studies in shamanism ,
    I’d like to help you with your books ,
    One favour, if you please , could you give a translation of cover of book .
    Also if you can offer advice or help me with this ministry I’m being called to do in North America I’d appreciate any help .
    Gob bless you .
    The Holy Spirit has guided me to you for a reason I’m sure .

  2. Hi Patrick, thanks for taking the time to send us your testimony. I am so pleased that God used this interview to encourage you.

    Here is the English off the back cover of the book, “King of Glory: Back Cover

    PEOPLE OF ALL AGES love tales of romance and rescue, stories with happy endings, plots were good wins over evil. The ancient writings of the prophets tell the original story of romance and rescue — where good puts down evil in a most unexpected way.

    This old, old story with its grand characters and epic plots is about a King and His secret plan to rescue His rebellious subjects from the kingdom of darkness and make them fit to live with Him in His kingdom of light, happily ever after.
    But did this story really happen? Or is it just another imaginary tale? This show-and-tell presentation points to the clear answer.

    Experience the story. Encounter the King. And decide.

    Upper Right Corner:
    From the Scriptures of the Prophets
    King of Glory

  3. Hola Michael, I am Cesar Espanol on behalf of Enlace Christian Televison
    Bendiciones, y saludos
    Queríamos saber si es posible y si tienes el tiempo de realizar una entrevista para compartir más sobre el tema de la guerra espiritual desde tu experiencia como misionero en las selvas latinoamericanas.
    Nosotros estamos en Dallas TX o San Jose Costa Rica. O por lo menos via FaceTime o algo así
    Te dejo mi email para que me escribas según tu tiempo
    Muchísimas Gracias

  4. Saludos Cesar, Acabo de recibir tu carta. Ya estamos listando a regresar a nuestro país de trabajo. Pero aqui un link de un entrevista que hizo aqui con Paul Bramsen, el autor de KING of GLORY, el libro que acabamos a terminar de traducir entre los Yanomamö. Me gustaría seguir en contacto con usted pero usted no dejo de correo. Saludos


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