Christians and Armadillos

Mission Padamo/ May 20, 2013/ News/ 1 comments

Dear Praying friends,

This finds us well and continuing to thank God for an open door here. With the political situation here, we don’t take anything for granted, but God is faithful and we find ourselves depending on HIM to not only provide us with all we need, but even to continue to sustain our spirits and keep us encouraged in the work.

In spite of many shortages of practically everything, we are able to continue doing our jobs. Keila is still teaching in the Yanomamö school and for the most part enjoys it. Due to lack of fuel, we are no longer able to visit other villages like we want to, but I continue to teach a Bible study and prayer time with the men every morning. On Fridays, after prayer time, we open it up for testimonies, Their testimonies are always filled with examples from their life surroundings and it is hard to be discouraged while listening to them. I do love to hear their testimonies!

This morning, Yacuwä spoke of the way satan traps people, keeping them away from the love of God. “Satan is like a hunter.” he said. “He is like we are on the trail of an armadillo, he does not give up. We follow the armadillo’s tracks, here and there, finally running it into a hole. The armadillo thinks it is safe now. But we hunters don’t give up. We run around and find a termite nest, ripping it down, we bring it to the armadillo’s hole. We fit the termite nest to fit tightly into the burrow, then we carefully find and plug each other hole. Then we light the termite nest on fire, blowing the smoke down into the armadillo’s hole. Down into the deepest part of the hole, where the armadillo is hiding. First the smoke is just an irritant, easily ignored, but it gets stronger and stronger, over powering the poor animal. What does it do before it dies? It does not try to escape, but rather, for some reason, is drawn right to the termite nest that is producing all the smoke that is killing it. Smoke is not a strong force, we think. It does not have strong arms to pull, or a net to catch your feet and drag you. But the smoke is strong enough to draw the armadillo right up to the termite nest and there it dies, with it’s little nose pressed right against the thing that killed it. All we hunters have to do is remove the termite nest plug, wait a minute for the smoke to clear and there is the armadillo. My friends, this is what satan desires to do to us. he lures us into thinking we are safe, but all the time, he is plotting our deaths and destruction. We that are already safe in Jesus, satan desires to lure our children away. Christ is the only one strong enough to remove the lures of satan and allow us to live true life with HIM. Join me my friends in living for Christ!”

Like I said, I love listening to their testimonies! Thank you for your part in allowing us to serve the Lord here in Amazonas. We honestly don’t take your prayers nor your sacrificial giving for granted. Thank you!

Your partners,
Michael, Keila and Mia

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  1. Eddie Andrews shared this with our bible study. I found this really encouraging in light of Satan’s continued attacks. Thanks so much for sharing. Praying for you and for all those in your circle of influence. I can’t wait to meet them in heaven!

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