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Mission Padamo/ May 4, 2013/ News/ 0 comments

During our Bible class this morning, one of the guys was sharing how, “in spite of the fact, that there is much sadness in the village right now, our hearts remain strong and our comfort is in Christ.”

He paused and looked down for a minute. “Even though my family is really sad right now, we know our little girl is in heaven. This is our comfort. In Yanomamö villages without the gospel of Jesus Christ, they don’t have this knowledge and so when tragedy strikes them, they have nothing to fall back on. We Yanomamö believe that when someone dies, if he has been a generous person, he goes to live if thunder’s land. But you know, down deep we had no comfort in that, because we knew none of us were generous enough. But God is generous enough for us. HE gave HIS SON. Now, because of HIS generosity, we are assured that when we die, and when our believing family members die and when our little children die, we can rest in the fact that God’s generosity is enough to assure us of heaven.”

“Also, you know,” he went on. “In spite of us saying we believed that our loved ones were OK because of their generosity, we knew they were not. How do I know this? Well, because of the fact that once a Yanomamö is dead, his name is never spoken again. And every evening, way into the night, family members cry and mourn for their loved ones. Our women take their tears and smearing them on their faces, make a thick black crust of mourning on their cheeks. Why, because they know they will never see our loved ones again. Here on the other hand, you don’t see many women with black on their faces, not because we don’t grieve, we grieve, but not like ones with no hope. We have hope. Our hope is Christ!”

I’ll tell you, his testimony made my day!

Michael, Keila and Mia
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