January 20, 2023

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Dear Partners, This finds us still in the USA. We have told you in a previous email that there were no flights into the jungle until after the 20th of January of this year. We had planned to fly into Venezuela on or around the 20th to get our load ready to fly in as soon as the military would open up flying again. But we called our contact down there on the 5th of January and were told that as of now, there was still no firm date to reopen flights into the jungle. Knowing that it is a lot cheaper to wait here rather than wait in Caracas we are still here. We do have requests out to different contacts and will move as soon as we hear something. Prayers appreciated.

In these same prayers, please remember our shipments of Torches, Messengers, Little Book Tracts in Yanomamö and King of Glory books that are either all ready in Caracas or in route. To be honest, this is the most equipped we have ever returned to Venezuela. We are in awe of all the Lord has provided to assist us in reaching and teaching our Yanomamö brothers how to reach their own people. Pray for the Lord’s protection over these tools and at the same time, be praying even now that the Lord would be preparing the hearts of the ones who are going to hear God’s Word, both audibly and from the printed page.

This last Christmas is the first Christmas we have spent back here with kids and grandkids since 2013 and we really had a good time with them. We were sad to not be able to see Ryan and Jenny’s kids, Ashton, Aria, Beckham and Brendee, nor did we get to see Jenny. But we were able to see Ryan, as he had to return briefly to the USA to renew his flight medical, so we picked him up on the 17th and he flew back to Peru on the 21st. It was good to see him. Stephen and Loran flew down on Christmas Day and stayed until the 30th. What a treat we had with their two kids, Elliot and Adeline. I had no idea there were so many beautiful parks in the Macon area, but Loran had done her homework and we enjoyed the kids in the park. Our house was very quiet when they left, I can tell you. Then, Josh drove down on the 1st with Jack, William and Elenor and once again our house here rang with the happy sounds of grandkids. They loved exploring in the woods and small “crick” that meanders through the woods here. We missed Isabella, but she had other committments. Mia has been with us since August, so it was good to be able to spend time with all our kids even though it was not at the same time. We are grateful to the Lord for how He worked it out to make all this possible.

We are taking advantage of this time that we are waiting on flights into the jungle to spend time with Mia. It is going to be hard to leaver her, but she has decided to stay up in IL with her brothers while trying to decide exactly what direction she wants to go. We covet your prayers for her and for all our kids and grandkids. These are difficult days for children but I am reminded that the same God who could take care of Moses, Joseph, Daniel and his three friends and yes, even myself, is a big enough God that HE can take care of and sustain our grandkids. Non of the craziness of our world takes HIM by surprise.

Thanks for your PRAYERS and PARTNERSHIP!

Michael and Keila

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