February 20, 2023

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Dear Praying Friends, Thanks so much for the outpouring of support we have felt from you all our partners. While knowing he has but stepped into eternity before us, still the grief is there. We are so thankful God did allow us, with our house in GA to host two family reunions and then, two MK reunions as well. These reunions at the insistence of Steve. How thankful and grateful to the Lord we are now to look back and realize what a gift the Lord was giving us. 

So many of you all have written and I will try and answer each of you all once we are back in GA. But I did want to get this link of the video we are going to be showing at the funeral this morning. 

Here is the link…a bit rushed, plus, after I thought I was finished, I kept getting pictures from family and friends that I just had to put in, so this is the 3rd edition. 


Also, many of you have asked about the service being streamed. it is, the church’s web site is and if you go to their page, the link for live streaming is there. Also, it will be posted for awhile for anyone not able to live stream it. 


Thanks for your prayers! 


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