Ryan and Jenny are the newest members of Mission Padamo Aviation and Support. They are currently stateside, preparing for ministry. Ryan recently graduated from Moody Bible Institute’s mission aviation program. He is now on loan from MPAS as an instructor at The Spokane Turbine Center. His work at STC will be valuable experience which will aid his efforts in creating a flight program for MPAS in Venezuela. Jenny is a Registered Nurse and looks forward to using her medical skill sets in whatever capacity she can. They welcomed their first son, Ashton, June of 2012. They are excited to be part of the work in Venezuela, expanding the reach to the unreached Yanomamö people.




Basic Info

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Ryan’s Facebook / Jenny’s Facebook

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Hometown: Ryan – Amazona, Venezuela / Jenny – Nebraska, USA

Fun Facts

Family Hobbies:

Favorite Venezuelan Foods:

Favorite Bible Characters:

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