Michael and Keila have played instrumental roles in the ministry to the Yanomamö people. Michael is an avid pilot. His vision and fortitude have been the launching pad for Mission Padamo Aviation and Support. In addition to his tireless work on the aviation program, Michael pours himself into men’s discipleship, Bible study and teaching, missionary trips to other villages to evangelize, train, and encourage Yanomamö leaders and believers, and base upkeep, leadership, and maintenance. As director of the Yanomamö school, Keila focuses much time and energy on training the Yanomamö teachers, creating materials for the school, and teaching the children in both Yanomamö and Spanish.



Basic Info

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Mike is on Facebook – click here

Blog Page: Amazonas Wayamou – click here

Hometown: Amazonas, Venezuela

Fun Facts

Family Hobbies: Fishing, hiking

Favorite Venezuelan Foods:

Favorite Bible Characters:

Favorite Hymns/Worship Songs:

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  1. Met your lovely daughter today at Gitche Gumee. Talked about Chief Shoefoot and what I remembered about his visit to Cornerstone Baptist Church in Ludington, MI. He told us about how Pokemon characters are really evil spirits that cause a lot of trouble around the world.

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