Faith Dawson has played many key roles in the village of Cosh. She has worked in the dispensary treating the sick, worked in the school program, teaching the children how to read and write in their own language and in Spanish, and has even written several Yanomamö primers and workbooks for the children to use in the school.

She, along with her youngest sister Sharon, run a Children’s Home for the tribal children.They have had numerous children pass through the home: children who were left orphaned and children who were unwanted by their parents and who otherwise would have been sentenced to death. Both Yanomamö and Ye’kuana children have taken refuge within the home.



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Hometown: Amazonas, Venezuela

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  1. Hello Ms. Dawson, My name is Wayne Dalton, the Missions Director of Clearbrook Baptist Church in Roanoke, Va. Pastor Bobby Andrews has requested us to consider bringing you on as part of our Missionary program. We are an Independent Baptist Church and are presently looking to add missionaries to our program. Please send us some information about your missions work so we can consider helping you with the work there in Venezuela.
    My e-mail address is: [email protected].
    We do have a facebook page if that would help. (Clearbrook Baptist Church, Roanoke, VA)
    Thank you

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