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Dear Praying Friends, Another hard week up here in the jungle; we just walked back up from the funeral of one of Keila’s preschool little girls. She passed away of malaria Monday morning. Her parents Jacinto and Leticia and family are taking it so hard. But this is the third death in the last week, so like I said, a hard week. 

The sad thing is, so many of these deaths are unnecessary. We know for a fact if we had access to the needed treatments and or air support for emergency flights, we could do more for the people. Now, that is hard enough to have to admit, that we can’t do all we want to do and know we could do.  But the most shocking information to me was something I  heard on a Rush podcast from Monday. where someone called in about DDT and malaria, how 50 years ago Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring,” where she used anecdotal information, ignoring the Audubon Society’s annual bird counts. But even with the fraudulent information, the book led to the banning of DDT, the only pesticide that effectively works against malaria mosquitos, there by helping to cause the deaths of millions and millions of people across the world. It is estimated that over 50 million children have been killed by malaria in Africa alone.

But the real travesty of this whole tragedy is when Charles Wurster, who founded the  Environmental Defense Fund, was told that banning DDT would probably result in millions of deaths, replied, “This is as good a way to get rid of them as any.”

Sad to say, time nor space allows me to go into detail about the lives that have been effected by all this, my own included. But it is estimated that 50 million African children have died who would not have died because of the ban on DDT.  DDT kills mosquitoes.  Without DDT, they thrive. There is no scientific reason for the ban of DDT, not a legitimate one.  The DDT ban is again the result of liberal fraud and activism.  So the biggest killer of young African children is not AIDS, it’s not war.  It’s DDT being banned.  And this 50 million children is only speaking about the continent of Africa! The number is much higher all over the world. To most  liberal activist, malaria is just a foreign sounding word. To us here in the trenches, it is something we deal with every day, and most times, we lose the battle these days.

My daughter in law Erika, Joshua’s wife, just wrote a post, titled, “What Malaria Stole From Me.”In a powerful, personal way, it puts a face to the ones effected by this killer, and now we find out that behind this insidious killer, are bumbling, supposedly well intentioned people who have enable this killer to kill almost unopposed across the world.  I am posting the link to Erika’s blog and if you wish, you can read her post here.  What Malaria Stole from Me

 Thanks for your partnership with us in this work. We appreciate your involvement more than we can say. We praise God for the support team HE has raised up for us and we take your partnership seriously. Again, Thank you.

Your partners, 

Michael, Keila and Mia Dawson

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