Andrew and Solena Lee are the newest members of Mission Padamo Aviation and Support. Although they have been working with the mission for the last couple of years in an associate position, they have now joined the team full time.

Andrew has played a key role in getting supplies and fuel to the village of Jalalusiteli where his parents, Gerald and Susan Lee work. This base, at one time, was serviced by aircraft, but since air service has been cut to all indiginous villages, it is now reachable only via a long, slow boat trip up a very narrow stream. Without his help, his parents could not continue to work up there. He is also involved in doing supply and fuel runs for the main base in Coshilowäteli.

Andrew also helps out with Bible Seminars and has a class where he teaches teenage boys to read and write in their own language. Solena spends her time as a homemaker and takes care of the kids and is a great help with whatever is needed.

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