1. Which Dawson’s are still in Cosh? Timiteo? How is the present political situation affecting your good works? I will continue to pray for all. May God Richly Bless You!

  2. Hello Mr Hippler
    There are still quite a few Dawson’s still working in Venezuela. Millie Dawson, Gary and Marie Dawson, Mike and Keila Dawson, Faith Dawson, Sharon Menafee, Gerald and Susan Lee, Andrew and Solina Lee, Joseph Lee, Jody and Luilama Dawson and Joel Dawson. Yes, Timoteo is still there and is the Pastor of the church. As you can imagine, the political situation continues to make the work difficult. A big way it affects the work is that due to the inflation, everything is very expensive. Also, medicine and fuel are hard to come by. However, God is good and has allow us to keep the work open. We do covet your prayers though.

    God Bless

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